Misplaced Eternity

When Death and Eternity Collide

A Journey through Grief

Misplaced Eternity

Misplaced Eternity is an incredibly poignant and thought-provoking exploration of the timeless nature of humanity and our complex relationship with the divine in the midst of grief and loss. Drawing upon her own personal experiences of losing eight beloved family members in a span of just seven months, Tijuana Smith offers readers a moving and insightful perspective on how to navigate the challenges of loss and find solace and meaning in life’s most difficult moments.

Combining biblical scripture, personal anecdotes, and interviews with individuals from all walks of life, Misplaced Eternity offers a powerful meditation on what it truly means to embody eternity within us and how to honor this gift through our daily actions and choices. Through her deep and compassionate insights, Tijuana encourages readers to confront difficult questions, embrace the infinite wisdom of God, and discover hope beyond the confines of this earthly existence.

Whether you are struggling to come to terms with loss or simply seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of our existence, Misplaced Eternity offers valuable guidance and perspective. By engaging with the profound insights and practical tools presented in this must-read book, you can find a path towards greater peace, healing. and hope amidst life’s most challenging moments

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